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Which H Van?

It is easy, buy the one with no rust......

..... but trying to find an H Van with no rust is like trying to swim the Channel with an elephant on your back -  it is not going to happen! (Unless of course it is one we have fully rebuilt.)

The H Van comes in all shapes and sizes - from the compact standard H Van like mine to the big 'market van'.

The cabs are more or less the same, it is just the bit behind the cab which differs in size. 

The very latest van’s tend to be more rusty (in the seams) try to stay away from H Vans which people have repainted, especially if it has been hand painted. It might look nice, but nine times out of ten, under the paint it is just filler covering up holes and rust.

It is wise to buy the best H Van you can afford.  It is usually more expensive to remove rust than it is to do the mechanical work. Saying that the mechanical stuff can also cost a bit, especially the brakes.  If it needs all new brake cylinders and shoes it could cost over £1200.00. We have developed front disc brakes for the H Van. I would also try to buy an original factory van, not one somebody has restored themselves at home.

I have heard from a number of people who have paid a garage to repaint their H Van,  only to see it going rusty all over and looking awful within just a couple of years.  I ask 'how much did it cost to have done',  and a lot of the time the response is £1500 to £2000. I just say 'what do you expect for the money'? It can take over 250 hours just to thoroughly prep and paint a H Van. It will not last if it is not prepped properly, and you cant expect 250 hours work plus the paint for around a couple of grand!

Price and Finding an H
Prices have being going up on H’s for the last four to five years.  The days when you could buy an H with a MOT for £1500.00 are now long gone. I have seen H Vans for sale on eBay with no MOT for over £8000.00. After saying that, if you have a good look around, and take your time you can still find a bargain.

You will find more for sale in France than the UK (unsurprisingly) and generally the H Vans in France are more original.  The best place is the South of France, but if you do buy one in France do not forget the cost of bringing it back home.

If you don't fancy the trip to France, looking at rusty van’s,  and trying to get it back to the UK not forgetting the chance it might break down, then contact us and we can help.



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