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Rebuilt H

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So, how do we go about rebuilding an H Van?

The first thing we do is test all the oily stuff so we have some idea what needs doing mechanically. 

The H is then stripped down, removing all parts and panels. 

We do recommend that the body tub is shot blasted because this is the most effective way of removing paint and rust.  This is a more costly option, but saying that it is the the most effective means of preventing rust in the future - and is therefore highly cost effective in the long run.

All of the panels are then taken to get shot blasted taking them back to bare metal. The shot blasting process again removes all paint and rust from the panels so we can start on the welding.

If there is rust or holes where rust once was we cut it out, inspect, and weld in new metal. 

Some people just weld up the hole which is no good at all - the rust will still be behind it.  Rust is like an ice burg - the little bit you can see on the outside it will be 7 times greater on the inside.

Only after all the welding has been done and re-shot blasted do we start to prep and paint the H. 

To prep and paint an H can take over 250 hours.  We also zinc seam seal and under seal the underside of the van. 

The next step is to inject wax in to all the cavities, and believe me there are a lot of cavities on a H Van.  Cavity wax is to prevent the H going rusty from inside the cavity and it is recommended to repeat this process once every 2 years.

Then it is just a matter of refitting the H van back up and making sure all the mechanical things are working, then test and MOT the H. 

We charge based on an hourly rate of just £30.00, plus VAT and obviously parts are on top of that.

If you spend a bit more on the right van in the first place then it will not cost as much to rebuild.



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