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Hurry an H?

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You can't hurry an 'H' - Oh yes you can!

We bought this 1968 H Van in July 2004 and decided to rebuild it. I should have had my head examined first.

At the same time we decided to see if we could make it go a bit faster - and more importantly.... stop!

I fitted a Renault 21 turbo 5-speed gearbox and Rover 3.5 V8 engine. 

If the V8 will not make it go any faster, then I do not know what will.

To make it stop I am fitting disc brakes to the front.  I have also lowered the floor in the back 50mm so I can stand up, and also cut out the inner wheel arches in the back to make more room.

To make it more affordable to run, I converted it to LPG complete with a 205 litre tank.

I got it back on the road in March 2008. 

I used it commercially for two years to deliver and collect 2cv’s and go to Cassis in the South of France to collect parts - which I did four to five times a year (towing the trailer).  I covered over 38000 miles over these two years.  

The H has been all over Europe, and is still going very well. It is very nice to drive, sit's on the motorway at 80 mph sorry 70mph and on LPG at 70mph it does equivalent to 24mpg, which is good seeing that a 1.9 H Van travelling at 56mph does 27mpg.  

Now almost four years on it has covered over 50,000 miles and is still going well.  I am thinking about fitting a 4.6 Rover V8 engine - I get asked why? but I answer 'why not'!



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