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Disc Brake H

We will be fitting disc brakes to my H Van.  I am fitting disc brakes so it stops quicker. Driving around on four drum brakes at 70mph is OK - until you need to stop in a hurry.

We cannot use the original H Van wheels as there is not enough room to fit the disc brakes behind them, so I have having some new wheels made with the H Van stud pattern.  

As all H van wheels are over 30 years old trying to find wheels which are not buckled is near to impossible. It is OK to have a slightly buckled wheel at 55mph but at 70mph it is not a good idea at all.

We have also fitted a servo on the H to help with the braking.  We can fit disc brakes to any H Van, the cost would be around £2000.00 to £2500.00+vat.  Not too bad seeing if you need to completely rebuild the front brakes with new drums on a H you will be looking at somewhere in the region of £1200.00 to £1700.00+ vat in any case.



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