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We Service, Repair and Rebuild classic Citroen H Vans....

....to the same high standards we are known for on 2CV's! 

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Welcome to our website all about the unique and lovely Citroen H Van.

If you are looking for a H Van to help promote your business, sell food out of, turn it into a camper van or you just have a desire to own a classic French van then look on further.

If you have owned a H Van before you know what I am going to say next!

With an H you have good and bad - but the good out way’s the bad by 10 to 1. Once you have owned an H you will understand what all the fuss is about...... its pig like looks, good handling, its practical room in the back and the big smile it puts on your face.

Open the door (suicide door on most models) and grab the handle, put your foot on the step and swing yourself in, sit in the driver’s seat with the huge steering wheel in front of you, and the post-slot like windscreen, 3 pedals coming out of the holes in the floor - and to your right you have a glove box the size of a filling cabinet! Nothing else is quite the same.

You turn the key and push the button to bring the H to life, you select first gear and release the backward hand brake and off you go. The engine - which dates back to the 1930’s - is quite torque so you get in to top gear (3rd) at about 30mph - and it will sit at 55mph all day long with the engine screaming (sorry), singing away to you. 

The H Van handles very well and I mean very good as you bomb around the roads. It is a shame I cannot say that about the all-round drum brakes! If the brakes are set up right they will be b****y awful and if they are set up wrong then just make sure the car in front will not mind you using it as a buffer. Saying that, you have to bear in mind that the H Van was developed when the motorway and dual carriageways were very rare. 

Seriously, I have done over 60000 miles driving up and down the French Alpes and all over France with a trailer on the back with the standard H Van brakes, so they are fine - as long as you keep it in mind that they are from the forties and not from the modern tin box you drive around daily.  An H Van is just as happy popping around B roads or sitting on a motorway to the South of France but I do recommend you sound proof it or you will need to learn sign language to communicate with your partner.

If you buy a good one it will be one of the best vehicles you will ever own.



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